Vision Statement

All Saints' Aim, Purpose and Vision


  • Our aim is to be a welcoming, prayerful, Christ-centred community. A church that cares for each other and the local environment, showing God's love by serving our community and the wider world.
  • Our purpose is to be Christ-like and point people to Jesus.
  • Our vision is to be a Christian family of all ages and stages of faith, embracing the local community; a place of faith and hope; a place to grow in discipleship of Jesus; a springboard to mission.

Going forward we believe we need to embrace our evangelical roots and heritage, work towards being environmentally and financially sustainable and ecumenical in our approach. Below there is some more detail on what that means:-

Evangelical – with a heritage of evangelical, traditional bible-based values and priorities, Word and Spirit, we will continue to promote courses such as Alpha, that encourage others to start and continue and deepen their journey of faith. We will continue to encourage people to join homegroups, start prayer groups and be in prayer triplets. Being an evangelical church means that we hold to values that mean we all have a duty to promote and express our faith to those in our community, whether they be friends, family or neighbours. We do courses like …Relationship course, Bereavement Journey, Parenting Children & Teenagers, Restored Lives as a way of welcoming strangers, those on the fringe of Church life, into the community.

Environmental – in an ever-changing world, we want our Church be sustainable. Climate Change is happening and we must work to reduce our carbon footprint, to use our resources wisely, to steward what we have well. To reduce our use of single use plastic, use recyclable products, not waste energy. That means making careful use of the world’s resources. One day getting solar roof tiles. We want to work towards being an Eco Church, we have started the process but have a long way to go.

Ecumenical – We aim to represent the strength and depth of the Church of England, we welcome those of Roman Catholic and Orthodox roots, we have people from Methodist, Pentecostal and all sorts of different faith perspectives. The services we have cater for a wide variety of people, from quiet to traditional and contemporary. We will continue to work alongside and with other Churches and organisations that promote our evangelical, bible-based values and priorities. We have a breath of faith expressions and traditions at All Saints', we believe in variety and seek to embrace different ways of expressing our faith.


As an evangelical Anglican Parish Church our aims, purpose and vision are...